Where is ByvallaHus

The house is located 5 km outside Horndal. It is about 180 km from Stockholm and takes about 2.5 hours to get there by car, depending on where you live in Stockholm. People from other areas are of course also welcome.

If you travel from abroad Arlanda airport is the closest. You can take a train from the airport to Horndal. It takes about 2.5 hours. From there it is easiest if someone will come and collect you.

About fifteen minute walk from the house is the lake Rossen which is one of the cleanest lakes in Sweden. There are several bikes you can borrow for bike tours. A little further away, in Sandvika, is a beautiful sandy beach. It takes about 6 minutes to go there by car or you can go there by bike.

Around the house are large woodlands and in the autumn, there are often plenty of mushrooms. Behind the house is a beautiful century-old forest that has now become a protected forest. It is owned by the municipality.

TrädThe house was once a store for railway workers. Byvalla is best known for narrow-gauge railway and broad-gauge railway was joined up there. The population in Byvalla stayed at around 120 people who worked lifting cargo from one track to the other. Most of the buildings from that time are now dismantled. Our house was built in 1916 by a man who owned a sawmill. It is built in solid good quality timber and there are many beautiful rooms. The plot is large at 5600 sqm. The soil is rich and there are good opportunities to grow plants and vegetables. The house is secluded




Samye Ling
Buddhist psycho- therapy training


We have now finished several retreats since 2012. Despite a simple accommodation everybody liked the courses. In neighboring property we rented meditation room, bedroom, toilet and shower. Here are some pictures from the retreats.

New pictures from Byvalla!!