Visions and goals


A vision and a goal can be good but only if we can live in the present moment. If we live only in the future, it has little or no value. If we are grounded instead in the present moment, it can create an inspiration for us. Learn about the vision and then let it be in the background. What matters are the present, the meeting with each other and a loving approach to life.

A vision


The aim of the community is to create a place and a situation where we can support each other's spiritual development. However if we are in a phase in our life where we do not meditate, it is important not to hinder others to do so.
We will, as best we can, live in harmony with nature and the environment, and eat vegetarian food at the common meals. We sort out the garbage, compost and use eco-friendly electricity. There is a shared respect for nature and the environment.

The goal is to build a community that goes a little deeper than just living together and trying in various ways to create an open and generous home for people to meet. We take responsibility for our own feelings and do not project them on others and we will develop our ability to communicate and relate to each other. A good relationship with others always starts with a good relationship with ourselves. Therefore meditation is important.
Some days we might want to be by ourselves and want to be in silence. Other days we might like to socialize. With good friends, we can do what we want, with the best of friends, we can do nothing. We are working to get rid of guilt and shame, which suppress our deepest emotions.

When we are there together we will meditate twice a day, morning and evening. We are there to support each other's development. We leave television back at home. If you want to use the computer, such as for work, you should be in your room to avoid disturbing others. Radio will be available in the kitchen. We try to avoid any electronic interference as much as possible. Silence is all we need.

The house will also be used for courses and activities that benefit personal growth.

We will work with some of those things that are written above, over the weekends as part of our training. Every year we do at least two retreats together. Meditation and a healthy approach to life is the foundation of our development and cooperation.


What type of Buddhism?

Om mani padme hung

I myself come from the Kagyupa school of Tibetan Buddhism and my teacher Akong Rinpoche, who recently passed away, lived in Samye Ling, Scotland. Amongst the various branches of spirituality, there can easily be disagreement if each person is holding too tightly to their own tradition. It's called politics and is something I want to keep away from. What is important is compassion and that we develop presence, peace, joy and love. I will continue to respect my teachers but I am also open to other schools.


Who am I?

I who have taken this initiative am Sture Johansson. I have meditated since 1976, lived in a Tibetan Buddhist centre in Scotland (Samye Ling) for 11 years, spent three years in retreat and have worked in Hälsans hus in Stockholm since 1999 with acupuncture, counseling and mindfulness courses. There have been many great Buddhist teachers and specially Akong Rinpoche who have made a strong impression on me. He showed me things no one else has shown through his endless compassion. There is no words for how much gratitude I feel. I also like to mention Lama Yeshe Losal Rinpoche who was a support in my retreat. But apart from all the Buddhist teachers also Swami Muktananda, Eckhart Tolle and Paul Brunton have been very helpful in my search.
I can`t say that I achieved anything but still learn from every day and every meeting.




Samye Ling
Buddhist psycho- therapy training


We have now finished several retreats since 2012. Despite a simple accommodation everybody liked the courses. In neighboring property we rented meditation room, bedroom, toilet and shower. Here are some pictures from the retreats.

New pictures from Byvalla!!