We are looking for individuals who are interested in renting in the community. Send a letter or email and tell us a little about yourselves.
The address is: sture.halsanshus@gmail.com

What´s the commitment when you rent

Since the purpose of this spiritual community is to grow and develop, it is important the people who rent also take an interest in personal development and meditation.
Each person who has something to contribute would also benefit the entire community. My teacher, Akong Rinpoche, said that contributing could be in meditation, studying spiritual literature or practical work. Then we will grow together.
There are different possibilities to rent a room in the community. During the summer months electricity is included, but during the winter months, you pay for what you consume. You are also solely responsible for the wood you use.

Here are various examples of how you can rent. The cost is per person and in Swedish crowns:

To rent
A month 2500:- Skr
A week 900:- Skr
Per day 170:- Skr

Rules for renting

If you are interested I can send you more information.


If there is anyone who would like to support this project then donations are gratefully accepted. Money can be deposited into Pg 428 57 98 – 7. The bank is Nordea. Please make a note that it is a donation for Byvalla community house. If you wish it can be an anonymous donation.




Samye Ling
Buddhist psycho- therapy training


We have now finished several retreats since 2012. Despite a simple accommodation everybody liked the courses. In neighboring property we rented meditation room, bedroom, toilet and shower. Here are some pictures from the retreats.

New pictures from Byvalla!!