Buddhist community in southern Dalarna

For several years I have had a dream and vision of creating a community and a retreat place where people can come to find peace of mind and a sangha (spritiuella utövare). In the fall of 2011 I found a house that would fit in. It was the right size and had a large plot of 5600 sqm. The house, which is located in Byvalla, had been empty for many years and was in pretty poor condition. Byvalla is a small village in southeast Dalarna, located 6 km outside Horndal. Over the years that have passed we have done carpentry, painting and made improvements to the house so that you can now live there all year round. The first time we arrived there was no electricity and several windows were missing. During the summer of 2012 we had our first retreat in the house.
Now since 2017, I live permanently in the house. Repairs in the house continue with an ambition to preserve the old and gently repair what already exists. We have got spring water into the kitchen, drained the foundation around the house, dug down rainwater pipes, repairing the foundation of the house, insulation in the bedrooms with ecofiber, building an outdoor shower and much more. There is a greenhouse where we can grow vegetables. We try to keep an organic lifestyle as best we can. The house consists of 6 bedrooms, 2 living rooms, kitchen, toilet and a large hall.

Whats next to come


My wish is to start being able to invite lamas who can come to give teachings and enrich the place with their presence.
But before that can happen we need to get the place ready. Practical things which needs to be done is to get a new three-chamber sewer, repair the roof, chimneys, build interior windows, glass verandas, build a retreat house, gardening, repair the foundation on the front of the house, repaint the house with linseed oil paint and much more. Much has been done thanks to a lot of help I received from visitors and volunteers. Thank you!
But we would also very much like to receive all the help we can get both practical and financial contribution.

What will happen with the house?


The house will be developed in the way we together do it. It will be a metamorphic process. In society, interest in small spiritual places is beginning to grow. The stress and the fact that we are losing more and more in the exterior means that there is a longing to find back to the origin, nature and a whole. My wish is that Byvalla will be a place where you can support spirituality and personal development and where we can be rooted in the present.
Akong Rinpoche and Ringu Tulku wish that there should be 3-4 people running the place. Ringu Tulku also suggested that we should focus more on teachings and retreats and perhaps not too many residents in the collective.
There are various possibilities to rent rooms in the house, shorter or longer times. For more information contact me - Sture. You can also go up there for a shorter period if you want to be in silence, meditation, solitude and contemplation.




Samye Ling
Buddhist psycho- therapy training


We have now finished several retreats since 2012. Despite a simple accommodation everybody liked the courses. In neighboring property we rented meditation room, bedroom, toilet and shower. Here are some pictures from the retreats.

New pictures from Byvalla!!