John MacFadyen - Buddhist Oriented Psychotherapist


John entered the Buddhist and meditation path in the mid 1970’s and found the interface between Buddhist Psychology and Western models of relational psychotherapies very rich. 
As a Core Process Psychotherapist and Social Worker John has many years of working with individuals, teaching, supervision and consultancy. He is a member of the Karuna Institute (Buddhist psychotherapy school) teaching team in Devon. Core Process Psychotherapy is a mindfulness based training which also draws upon early life developmental psychology. 

I (Sture) known John since the mid-eighties when he first came to Samye Ling in Scotland. I remember once when we were taking a walk near the east coast near Edinburgh and John suddenly picked up a plastic bag and started to pick up garbage along the way. It was no anger or resentment in him and no expectation of gratitude. I thought this was such an unselfish humble action and it also describe how he live his life. Giving with generosity with no expectation. I am so happy he is now coming to Byvalla to share and teach his vast knowledge and experience.




Samye Ling
Buddistisk psyko- terapi utbildning


Vi har haft flera fina retreater och undervisning under flera års tid. Varje år kommer vi att ha ytterligare 6 retreater. I grann- fastigheten hyr vi meditationsrum, sovrum, toalett och dusch. Här kommer några bilder från retreaterna.


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